How to Download a Content

Each time you license a shot, an e-mail is instantly sent to the e-mail address that is associated to your account. The e-mail contains a number of secure options to download the licensed content. From within the e-mail:

  1. You can download content directly from the link provided in the email;
  2. Or you can copy and paste link provided in the email into any web browser;
  3. Or you can contact us via email at and we will assist you to download your content.

Remember to click Save (instead of Open) to download the content to your computer. If you are having difficulties to download your content please call or email us - we are happy to help!

Windows users: Left click on the link and most browsers will automatically save the file directly to your download folder. You can also right click on the link and choose Save target as if you wish to save the download file in the folder of your choice.

By downloading the licensed content, you agree with and to be bound by the Royalty Free License Agreement.

A download file will remain on our servers for a maximum of 15 days or less once it is successfully downloaded one time.

****Not receiving our emails to your Inbox? Try adding to your email account contacts list -or- send an empty reply to this email, and avoid future emails from going to a spam or junk email folder.****